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AffiliateNinjaPro by Dr. Amit Pareek Review : Best cloud-based app that will create affiliate funnels in one click and gets tons of leads, commissions, and traffic from social media giants on 100% autopilot.

AffiliateNinjaPro by Dr. Amit Pareek Review : Best cloud-based app that will create affiliate funnels in one click and gets tons of leads, commissions, and traffic from social media giants on 100% autopilot.

AffiliateNiniaPro is the cloud-based app that will create affiliate funnels in one click and gets tons of leads. commissions. and traffic from social media giants on 100% autopilot. Thanks to it. you can create unlimited highly converting affiliate funnels and builds list to generate affiliate sales for any offer. You now can connect these proven funnels to auto-responder and collect leads in a hassle-free manner. Besides, the system also provides you the real-time statistics of every funnel to find out what offers to give the best results. AffiliateNinjaPro is a DEAD SIMPLE, cloud-based app that creates instant 1-click profitable affiliate funnels and gets tons of leads, affiliate commissions & viral traffic from top 7 social media giants on 100% autopilot… It has been crafted from the grounds up to be fully user-friendly and enables you to create UNLIMITED HIGHLY CONVERTING affiliate marketing funnels and build list fast & easy to generate affiliate sales for any offer you promote hands free. It enables you to connect these proven funnels to your autoresponder and collect leads instantly in a hassle free manner. You can also get the complete real-time statistics of each and every funnel, and find out which particular offers are giving best results.  AffiliateNinjaPro is the brand new software created in SAAS platform. It is designed to build instant 1-click profitable affiliate funnels with high converting products to get lead, viral traffic and commissions from the social network. Users can use it to create list fast and easy to generate affiliate sales for any offers they promote. Even they can connect these funnels to their auto-responder and collect leads instantly.

Affiliate marketing is a trend many people choose to start earning money online. The number of people joining in that field increases, so the market is becoming competitive. That why we need the unique difference to win. Are you working in affiliate marketing like me? If yes, I am sure you have faced with some issues on the way to get the success as I did. We all want leads and find out the most effective way to boost sales and commissions. However, it is quite hard when there are so many products on the market so that we cannot decide what the best one is. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to bring the highest conversions & most importantly highest revenue for your business. But to create a funnel, you must choose a proven converting product, create squeeze page, design it, write copy of it and then drive traffic to it…Doing all of this manually is a tedious task and can take away a lot of time and energy. Not anymore, as you can simply automate this process and build your own Profitable Affiliate Funnels populated with high converting products and gets tons of Leads, Affiliate Commissions & Viral Traffic from Top Social Media Giants on 100% Autopilot. Forthat reason, I would introduce to you a product which opens the doors for beginners and speeds up for experienced ones to promote any offers online. The answer is inside this AffiliateNinjaPro Review. Focusing on building funnel and capturing leads, this system works on autopilot to optimize your conversion and create a complete follow up to benefit from the leads. Let’s spend a few minutes on this new method! Affiliate marketing is an excellent choice for most of the people who intend to start earning money online. The best advantage it has is that you do not need to create products or learn much skills about technology. However, affiliate marketers also have to face off with many challenges such as: Choosing the high-demand product to promote, Build profitable affiliate funnels, Drive traffic to these funnels, Learning technical stuff. We will waste much time and energy to do all the tedious tasks. But that is not what we want. We need time for our life, and with the development of technology, we can change the way to work with the least effort.

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AffiliateNinjaPro FE (AffiliateNinjaPro Professional) by Dr. Amit Pareek Feature:


  1. Create UNLIMITED affiliate marketing funnels (Unlimited Squeeze Pages) ready to convert.
  2. 20 Proven Converting products selected for you to promote.
  3. Get Unlimited FREE Facebook, Twitter and Instagram traffic, commissions, leads and profits instantly.
  4. 15 Ready-To-Use Lead Funnel Templates.
  5. Autoresponder integration to collect all your leads.
  6. Easy to use 1-Click Editor to create high converting affiliate marketing funnels in seconds.
  7. Facebook Group Finder – get even more viral traffic.
  8. Fully Cloud-based so no worrying for any hosting or domain registration or technical hassles.
  9. Social sharing on FB, Twitter and Instagram – one-by-one & set automation.
  10. Fully SEO optimized affiliate funnels.
  11. Stats Overview (Basic Report).
  12. Very Easy and Intuitive Dashboard to Manage Everything.
  13. Step-By-Step Training to Make Everything a Cakewalk.

AffiliateNinjaPro Upsell 1 (AffiliateNinjaPro Elite) by Dr. Amit Pareek Feature


It will also unlock tons of new features like:

  1. 25 More Ready-To-Use Lead Funnel Templates
  2. 30 MORE researched products to promote
  3. FB traffic Automation– Unlimited group & FB page sharing on one time (FB Automation – FULL).
  4. Twitter traffic Automation
  5. Instagram traffic Automation
  6. Get unlimited traffic by creating unlimited funnels day & night on 100% Autopilot without even touching anything.
  7. 5 More Ready-To-Use Share Funnel Templates
  8. Image Library – 1 GB
  9. Webinar integration.
  10. Grab all these features for an unparalleled price.

AffiliateNinjaPro Upsell 2 (AffiliateNinjaPro Enterprise) by Dr. Amit Pareek Feature


With this Enterprise Edition, customers can get range of awesome features like:

  1. Also get Traffic from 4 more HOT Social Networks- LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Reddit & Instant 4 social backlinks for each affiliate funnels – More SEO means more traffic.
  2. SEO traffic
  3. All Social Sharing – Automation.
  4. CRM integration.
  5. 5 More Ready-To-Use Share Funnel Templates
  6. 20 More Ready-To-Use Promo Funnel Templates
  7. Advance Reports & Analytics for every affiliate marketing funnel.
  8. Team Management Up to 5 Team Members.
  9. Create Multiple (upto 50) Business {Multiple (upto 50) Sub-Domains}.

AffiliateNinjaPro Upsell 3 (AffiliateNinjaPro Reseller) by Dr. Amit Pareek Feature


  • Empower your subscribers to SELL AffiliateNinjaPro to anyone they want & they get to KEEP 100% of the PROFITS. They don’t have to do anything, just collect their 100% profit and find a way to spend it. So, they can add one more ready-to-sell funnel for instant profits and thank you again and again for this.

AffiliateNinjaPro Upsell 4 (Premium Membership) by Dr. Amit Pareek Feature


Oh man, now this is the real-steal. Your subscribers can get a whole bunch of awesome features:

  1. 5 New Affiliate Marketing Templates every month (Lead+ Promo+ Social).
  2. Create Unlimited Business (Unlimited Sub-domains).
  3. Unlimited Team Management.
  4. Unlimited Client License
  5. Library with UNLIMITED Hosting on FAST servers & 200GB bandwidth per month.
  6. Lightning FAST SPEED & Boost Conversions with our CDN Services.
  7. Premium Support.
  8. Lifetime Updates.

AffiliateNinjaPro by Dr. Amit Pareek Benefit:

  • Creates ready to sell affiliate funnels with 50 proven converting products to promote in just few clicks.
  • Drive traffic from 7 MAJOR social media platforms.
  • Beautifully designed & ready-to-use affiliate funnel templates.
  • Best suited for JV’s having social, email, affiliate marketing, MMO, Lead Generation and traffic lists.
  • Build your lists & generate MASSIVE affiliate commissions
  • Unmatched Autoresponder, CRM and Webinar Integration.
  • Drive tons of traffic HANDS FREE to any offer in any niche.

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