Sitecontact by Cyril Gupta Review : Powerful Facebook Autoresponder Lets You Build A List And Market To Your Customers

Sitecontact by Cyril Gupta Review : Powerful Facebook Autoresponder Lets You Build A List And Market To Your Customers

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Sitecontact is Powerful Facebook Autoresponder Lets You Build A List And Market To Your Customers With Nearly 100% Open Rate, The Best Market Research And Analytics Application For YouTube And Websites, Dominate Internet Marketing With This 100% Fresh Approach With 4 Powerful Ways With Features Web Based, Send Broadcasts, Detailed Analytics, Sign Up Your Leads Just Like Email And Many More. Sitecontact Is The Future Of Online Marketing. Email has been around for some decades now and it’s getting a bit stale. People are giving all their attention to social communication using direct, 1-1 messaging. If you want to be noticed? Email is not the right way anymore because less and less people are opening their emails.

Sitecontact is the first ever Facebook autoresponder that lets you build your Facebook list in 4 powerful ways, and then send them Broadcasts as often as you want. Dominate Internet Marketing With This 100% Fresh Approach. It has so many benefits such as Web Based – Runs anywhere. Use it on your PC or even on your mobile devices. Sign Up Your Leads Just Like Email – 4 powerful ways to sign up your leads. Better & beyond Email forms. Send Broadcasts – Send broadcasts that have anything you want including updates, offers, etc. Newbie Friendly – Easy to use and no surprises. Even a total newbie can get traffic using it. Detailed Analytics – Know which content gets you more traffic and cash in on it by targeting it specifically. Supports Advanced Marketing – Features & capabilities you won’t see anywhere. It is Includes Powerful Facebook Message- Marketing Training. When your customers get SiteContact, they don’t just get the tool, they also get the roadmap. Powerful video training reveals everything about Facebook message marketing and helps get the best results from SiteContact. Your newbie customers will love this. They have everything they need to rule Facebook instantly. This Will Make You Want To Bury Your Email List & Not Look Back Ever.

Sitecontact is so Powerful Tools for your business. The Most Powerful Lead Marketing System Invented! Your leads can subscribe to your list with just a button click. No need to fill an optin form. Send a welcome message to anyone who subscribes. Send bonuses, signup gifts, or anything else you want. Send message broadcasts just like you send email broadcasts and reach all your subscribers. Send updates, websites links, or anything else you want. 100% inboxing rates every time. Reaches your audience not just when they’re on the PC but also when they’re on the mobile. Supports scheduling. Schedule message broadcasts for when you want them out. Hello Marketer! Are You Ready To Move To New Age Lead Marketing?As we know that Facebook Messenger Has Going On Right Now. Messenger is one of the most powerful instant messaging phenomenon online for businesses. With 2.2 billion active monthly users on Facebook, Messenger’s audience is really huge.

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Sitecontact Feature:

  • Grab leads from any webpage or site
  • Visitors don’t need to fill any form
  • Four powerful ways to get fresh leads
  • Send message broadcasts that inbox
  • 100% inboxing & crazy views and clicks

Sitecontact More Feature:

  • Add Any Facebook Page
    You’ll see a list of all the pages in your account that you can add. Even add 100% new ones
  • Select From 4 Powerful Optin Schemes
    Select how you want your visitors to optin. Every way is unique and easier than filling an Email optin form.
  • Integrate Optin On Your Page
    Install the optin code on your page just as you install the Email optin form. Copy & Paste. No custom work required.
  • Setup A Welcome Message
    Welcome your fresh subscribers on board. Deliver your free bonus, ebook or link.
  • Broadcast Your Message
    Broadcast your message direct to Facebook messenger inbox. Even schedule a sequence if you want..
  • Rich Reporting
    The dashboard gives you the complete details of how your list is growing. Keep tabs and grow forever.



Sitecontact Benefit:

  • Web based app runs anywhere.
  • Gets your targeted traffic for any niche you choose.
  • Lets you schedule tweets for publishing in intervals.
  • Set welcome message and give away optin benefits
  • Get near 100% open rates for every broadcast.
  • Finds & captures people who are interested in specific topics.
  • Unlocks a 100% new & compelling marketing method.
  • Get a the first mover advantage on FB autoresponder marketing.
  • Grab leads from any domain and using any Facebook page.
  • Works with multiple accounts.

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Sitecontact Simple Steps:

  • Step 1 – Implement Optin On Your Webpages
  • Step 2 – Send Broadcasts
  • Step 3 – There Is No 3rd Step

Sitecontact Perfect for:

  • Facebook advertiser – get a way to reach out to your prospects on Facebook for free.
  • Ecommerce Seller – Sell to your customers again and again.
  • Brands – Build a valuable audience of your targeted clients & prospects you can reach anytime.
  • Product Vendors – Send product information and updates to customer inboxes
  • Facebook fan page owners – Get 100% reach for your messages every time.
  • Content Creator – Connect with your audience and send updates that reach them.


4 Optin Methods & Each Is Better:

Sitecontact gives you 4 powerful ways to get your visitor to optin. Each of them is unique, and every way is more powerful than forcing your client to fill a form and give out their name and Email address.

  1. Checkbox Optin
    Your visitors click a simple checkbox to optin into your list and receive your messages.
  2. Customer Chat Optin
    Your visitors send you a message using a chatbox to optin. You can also carry forward the chat.
  3. Send To Messenger Optin
    Your visitors click a ‘Send to Messenger’ button to optin. You can also carry out a conversation on Messenger.
  4. Message Us Button Optin
    Your visitors click on a ‘Message Us’ button to optin. You can also carry forward the conversation

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