Live Action Intros by Jimmy Mancini Review : No more waiting for lazy designers or over-priced work, now you can add your own Logo to Live Action Videos…

Live Action Intros by Jimmy Mancini Review : No more waiting for lazy designers or over-priced work, now you can add your own Logo to Live Action Videos…

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Live Action Intros іѕ аn Adobe Air software tһаt creates Live Action Videos. Іt creates Live Action Intros uѕіng rеgulаr videos (іnсluԁеԁ), Fonts ѕіzе, type and соlоr can bе easily customized.

Plus It аllоwѕ you to аԁԁ MP3 intro trасkѕ (included/or add уоur own) and tһе final video іѕ exported as MP4, ready tо be merged tо any video, to use іt on presentations оr to sell іt to clients.
You can uѕе these Live Action Intros tо:

  • Add them аt the beginning оf old videos tо increase their реrсеіvеԁ value.
  • Аԁԁ them in аll of your nеw videos to mаkе them look mоrе professional.
  • Ѕеll them to Lосаl Businesses.
  • Ѕеll them on Рlасеѕ Like Fiverr.
  • Offer your ѕеrvісеѕ to YouTubers оr Marketers to іmрrоvе their videos
  • Fоr yourself, ѕо you can impress уоur friends оr colleagues, tһеу are going tо think you are ѕоmе kind оf Video Guru…

It takes tһе author about а year to ѕuссеѕѕfullу develop this аmаzіng technology. Оnе of his еffоrtѕ is to mаkе it as еаѕу as possible fоr users to іntеrасt. Just а few click and еvеrуtһіng will bе done carefully.

Let’s dig mоrе into the nехt part of my Live Action Intros Review and ѕее more things аbоut the one wһо have created ѕuсһ a amazing рrоԁuсt.

About author

The man behind this product is Jimmy Mancini. He is one of the most devoted product creators on JVZoos who has launched a lot of useful products. Judging from his last products such as Video Producer Pro, Intro Video Creator, YouTube Ranking Software version 2, there are probably no doubts about the quality of Jimmy’s products.

Let’s find out more what Live Action Intros can do in the next part of the Live Action Intros Review!

>>> Click Here To See Live Action Intros by Jimmy Mancini <<<


Live Action Intros Features:

  • 1 Live Action Intros Software
  • 20 (15+5) Intro Videos
  • 10 Intro Music Tracks
  • 1 Walkthrought Video
  • 3 Amazing Bonuses
  • 1 Commercial License Included
  • 30 Day Money Back

Live Action Intros More Features:

  • Create Live Action Intro Videos (Animate Your Logo)
    Forget about expensive software or designers charging you a fortune to animate your logo. Live Action Intros is the easiest and most affordable solution on the market to create Live Action Intro Videos in Seconds.
  • Customize It in Seconds
    We understand that your logo is part of your identity, that’s why we developed Live Action Intros in a way that allows you to customize all the elements around the Live Action Intro Video (Fonts, Music…).
  • Add Music (Included Tracks or Yours)
    Some ‘other’ more expensive software are limited to give you a video file or some cheap WAV file. Live Action Intros allows you to add your OWN Music background on the final intro video or you can choose an Intro Music track from the included Intro Music Menu.
  • Font Color, Size & Type
    We know that you want to match your logo colors and marketing material with your Intro Video. That’s why we added the option to change the default font colors, size and type and preview it in Real-Time, before you create your Live Action Intro Video.
  • Export it in Seconds (Rendering)
    Some ‘other’ tools on the market make you wait ages, a long, long time to generate a video. Live Action Intros rendering engine is one of the most powerful and fastest on the market, so you get Amazing Intro Videos done in SECONDS! (*usally less than 1 minute on a average PC/MAC)
  • Easy To Use
    We know you don’t want to waste time learning how to use a new software. We designed Live Action Intros in a way that makes it easy and intuitive to use even for a child (tested with our kids), so you can save time too!

3 Steps to Create an Amazing Live Action Intro Video:

  • STEP 1: Choose Your Favorite Live Action Intro Video Template
    Just choose your favorite Live Action Intro Video Template. You can preview them in Real-Time. Just scroll down or use your mouse to choose from the left menu any of the included Live Action Videos. You want variety, that’s why we included different niches. Now you can match your brand image to your live action intro video easily by choosing between several Live Action Videos. *Not all the live action videos on this image are included in the software, you will have the option to add more (optional).
  • STEP 2: Add Your Logo & Music (Optional)
    The next step is easy too. Just click on the ADD LOGO button and add your OWN logo, please use a transparent PNG image (at least 500x500px). Once Added you will see in Real_Time your logo on the selected live action intro video template or if you want you can choose any other Live Action Intro Video Template and your logo will be previewed there too. This is a big one, you can add your own MP3 Audio track, the software will use only a part of it, based on the duration of the animation or you can choose one of the included Intro Music Tracks. Why a big one? because you can preview ALL the Intro Video animations with music! that means you can see and hear on the preview screen how your final video will look and sound before creating it.
  • STEP 3: More Custom Settings (optional) & Export your Video
    We know that you want to match your brand colors with the final video. That’s why we added the option to customize the fonts! Finally you have the option to choose your video dimensions, 640×360 or HD 1280×720 or HD 1920 x 1080. After clicking the export button you just need to wait a FEW seconds (1 Minute or less average) and your Live Action Intro Video will be ready for you to use it in anything you want!

>>> Click Here To See Live Action Intros by Jimmy Mancini <<<


What Am I Getting?

  • Live Action Intro Software ($67 Original Pricing) – The Adobe Air Software that works on PC & MAC and creates amazing Live Action Intro Videos in Seconds.
  • 15 Live Action Intro Video Templates ($150 Value) – You are gettting 15 high quality Live Action Intro Videos.
  • 10 Intro Music Tracks ($80 Value) – You are gettting 10 Intro Music Tracks to use on your Live Action Intro Video Projects.


  • BONUS 1 ($50 Value) – 5 Live Action Intro Video Templates (Included in the Software)
  • BONUS 2 (FREE VIDEO EDITOR & TRAINING) – Access to a FREE Video Editor and Training (Video) To Merge your Intros With Your Videos
  • BONUS 3 (FREE) – Free Logo Pack

That’s Great! That’s $347.00 in Total value!


quote Wow! This is awesome! I usually break software, but not this one. It works exactly as it is supposed to. I was able to create a dozen professional looking intros in less than a half hour. Two thumbs up! “
Micheal Savoie –, Internet Marketer

Oh, Jimmy, your Live Action Intros aren’t just professional… they are elegantly exquisite! Fortune-500-level brand quality!”
Robin Carlisle –, Video Marketer


Does it work on MAC and PC?
Yes! it works on MAC and PC. We developed Live Action Intros with ADOBE AIR. It is very easy to install it and use it.
Can I sell these Intro Videos?
Yes! you can sell them to clients, customers, local businesses or by offering freelancing services.
Can I Install it in more than 1 computer?
No. Your license only allows you to use it on 1 computer, either a MAC or PC. If you try it the License wont work.
How can I Merge these Intro Videos to other videos?
We’re including in the bonuses a link to a FREE Video Editor (very easy to use) and a training video that explains you how to do it in seconds!.
Where is my LICENSE?
After purchase you are going to get an email from with your LICENSE. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see it. Another way to get your license is by using the JVZOO Transaction ID, ie: ‘AP-XXXXXXX’, then your license would be ‘XXXXXXX’ Just remove the ‘AP-‘ bit.
What kind of logo can I add?
You need to use a transparent PNG image 500x500px recommended (could be less), please be sure you are using a transparent PNG otherwise the Intro Video wont look good.
Is it easy to use?
Yes! it is very easy to use, just 3 easy step, 1. choose your intro video template, 2. Add your logo, 3. Click on the Export button, done, you have your new video.
What happens if I’ve problems with the software?
You wont, but if for any reason you do, just contact support: help [AT] and tell us what is wrong, we will do our best to help you.
How can I IMPORT more Live Action Intro Videos?
After getting the upgrades, Just click on the IMPORT button on the software and add the ZIP file with the NEW Live Action Intro Videos.

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