Mindful Eating PLR by Ruth Pound Review : Get a BIG discount on this full PLR package complete with eBook, report, workbook, checklists, mini guides, emails, graphics, articles, social content & much more!

Mindful Eating PLR by Ruth Pound Review : Get a BIG discount on this full PLR package complete with eBook, report, workbook, checklists, mini guides, emails, graphics, articles, social content & much more!

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Mindful Eating PLR is brand new PLR Product created by Ruth Pound. The Mindful Eating PLR special is a huge PLR package including elements for building your list, growing your blog and, most importantly, selling a product. You can sell it as an eBook, or you can break it down and sell it as an online course. The weight loss industry is one that continues to thrive, year after year. However, people are looking less at fad diets and more towards lifestyle shifts that they can stick to for the long term. According to HHS.gov, 78 million + adults are obese and are eating way too much fat, sodium, sugars and refined grains. These foods are addictive, and breaking free from these addictions is hard – which is where mindful eating comes in. It’s all about learning when you’re full, banishing cravings, and avoiding crash diets. This information is needed – according to the Google Keyword planner, healthy eating, diet and mindful eating keywords get up to 300K searches every month!

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Mindful Eating PLR is a perfect new pack to help you firmly establish yourself in the healthy eating niche… a done-for-you beginner’s guide to mindful eating (and banishing addiction to junk food). It comes with PLR rights meaning you can sell it as an eBook, as a course, or use it however you like! Mindful Eating is not just about dieting, it crosses over into multiple wellness niches – health, stress, and even happiness. It’s about adopting an overall lifestyle that boosts your wellbeing and quality of life.

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Here’s everything you get in the Mindful Eating PLR package:

  • Main Product:
    – eBook: “Mindful Eating: Avoid Overeating, End Your Junk Food Addiction and Banish Cravings” (mainly about mindful eating, how to deal with cravings and how to cope with cravings and slipups)
    – Checklist – Mindful Eating Tips
    – Printable – Mindful vs. Mindless Eating
    – Editable eCover Files
  • List Building/ Content Upgrades:
    – Report: “Healthy Alternatives for Your Favorite Junk Foods”
    – Editable eCover Files
    – Email Product Presell Series: Do You Have an Unhealthy Relationship With Food? (5 emails)
    – Shopping Lists – Foods to Avoid and Foods to Replace Junk Food
  • Additional Content & Product Reviews:
    (Use on the web/ emails/ as a bonus to the product)
    – 10 Related Mindful Eating Articles:
    – X Ways to Fight Binge Eating
    – Why Crash Diets Don’t Work
    – X Tips for Sticking to a Healthy Diet
    – How to Enjoy Fruits & Vegetables More
    – X Tips for Reducing Temptation to Eat Junk Food
    – X Addictive Foods You Should Try to Cut Out of Your Diet
    – What is Intuitive Eating?
    – What is the Definition of Mindless Eating?
    – What is Mindfulness and How Can You Apply it to the Way You Eat?
    – Are Your Emotions Tied to Your Eating Habits?
    – Eating Disorders vs. Disordered Eating
    – Train Your Brain to Hate Junk Food Guide
    – Checklist – Mindful Questions to Ask Yourself When You Want to Overeat or Indulge in Junk Food
  • Social Content:
    – 10 Shareable Social Media Tips images on Organic Lifestyle
    – 20 Social Media Posts (for sharing on Twitter or Facebook)
  • Extras:
    – Royalty Free Images
    – 3 Bonus Article Bylines
    – Keyword Research
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Here’s some ideas on how you can put it to use…

  • PAID PRODUCTS: The meat of this pack is in the eBook, but don’t forget you can also repackage it to sell as a course, live workshop, webinar etc. Often turning an eBook into a different format can dramatically increase the price you can sell it for.
  • LEAD MAGNET: Use the free reports or checklists as lead magnets to grow your list. Even better, use them together with the articles to create “content upgrades” where you create a freebie specifically for that blog post – these see the best opt-in rates!
  • WEB CONTENT: There’s plenty here to use to grow your website as an authority resource in the niche. Use the articles or you can even break down the reports and eBooks into further blog posts (create some epic longer blog posts to really drive traffic to your site) – then promote them using the social images and tweets.
  • OTHER IDEAS: You can also think further outside the box and translate the content, use it for offline clients/ workshops, use it as bonuses for other content, or even to create an ongoing membership site.


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