Video Ads Genius 2.0 by Justin Sardi Review : We’ll Show You How to Get Hot Traffic for Pennies TODAY And Turn It Into Profitable Leads and Hungry Customers

Video Ads Genius 2.0 by Justin Sardi Review : We’ll Show You How to Get Hot Traffic for Pennies TODAY And Turn It Into Profitable Leads and Hungry Customers

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Video Ads Genius 2.0 is great way How to Get Hot Traffic for Pennies TODAY And Turn It Into Profitable Leads and Hungry Customers. Get $75 of free ad spend to get started, You don’t need to be a video guru, Youtube ads convert the highest of all. You will get over 4 hours of high-definition video training from two 6-figure YouTube experts. Inside, we’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to make money with YouTube Ads. We intentionally designed this course to make it easy for anyone to go through the training, follow along, and start getting results right away.The great thing YouTube Ads is the ability to get traffic flowing fast and the great thing about this training is that we designed the course to make it easy for anyone to learn how to leverage YouTube Ads for quick profits. We’ll show you how we’ve been able to get clicks for a few pennies and then turn those low-cost clicks into hundreds of dollars in profits. You don’t need a massive budget to get started. We’ve shown you multiple examples of turning ad spends as low as $60 into $270 or more and there are more examples like this inside the video training course. The really cool thing is once you get a winning campaign going, you can scale it up and make even more money. It’s definitely possible for a newbie to go from zero to $100-$200 per day in profit VERY quickly and you can even scale this up to a job-crushing, six figure income in a matter of a just a few short weeks. This isn’t just some idea we thought up one day and decided to make a course based on what’s “popular” or what might sell courses. Far from it. Inside, you’ll learn from two 6-figure YouTube experts that have partnered up to create the ultimate YouTube Ads training.No stones are left unturned and you get everything you need to start getting traffic and making money TODAY! This is what’s working with YouTube Ads RIGHT NOW.

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Video Ads Genius 2.0 Features:

Here’s just a preview of what you’ll discover inside:

  • How to get started with YouTube ads today, even if you’re a complete newbie and the only thing you’ve ever done on YouTube is watch videos
  • The simple steps to becoming a YouTube Ads master, This doesn’t take weeks or months, You can start making money in hours from right now!
  • How to get your $100 in advertising credit when you get started with YouTube Ads, This means, you can run your first ads with no money out of pocket!
  • The simple budget management techniques that will prevent you from ever losing your shirt on a campaign, your risk on each campaign is virtually ZERO when you follow the details inside
  • The art of getting views for as little as $.01 and clicks for just a few pennies
  • Get instant access to multiple templates, formulas, and strategies that to make six figures per year with YouTube Ads
  • The ‘30 Minute Money Plan’ that will have you making money in half an hour, You don’t even need a video of your own to do this
  • This course is based on what’s working RIGHT NOW, not what might work or what could work.
  • The methods inside are proven to generate traffic and make money
  • You don’t have to create videos if you don’t want to
  • You can start making money today
  • And you’ll even get $100 to get started (you don’t even have to use your own money)
  • You’ll discover how to master video ads quickly and scale up to a job-crushing online income in no time
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Video Ads Genius 2.0 Bonus:

  • Bonus #1 – Real Life $200 a Day Case Studies – There’s no better way to make money than to watch someone else getting results and do what they do. When you get Video Ads Genius 2.0 today, we’re including multiple real life case studies where we show you how to go from ZERO to “money in your pocket.” This makes it easier than ever to follow along and profit!
  • Bonus #2 – YouTube Channel Art Software – Although you’d normally expect to invest $97 for this software, we’re including it for FREE when you get Video Ads Genius 2.0 right now. This software saves you time makes your YouTube Channel really stand out from the crowd with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Bonus #3 – ScreenCast Ads Blueprint (with free software) – AlWe want you to be able to get results right away. This is why we’ve included a free software and a tutorial to go with it. You could have your very first ad live by the end of the day !
  • Bonus #4 – Explainer Video Bonanza – Explainer videos convert like crazy -this is why you see them everywhere. Make your own and leave a mark on your viewers with this amazing bonus!
  • Bonus #5 – Video Editing Software + Training – Once your video is recorded using our included video recording solution, edit it and get it rolling with our video editing software, which we are going to show you how to use.
  • Bonus #6 – LIVE video software with training – Get live streaming under your belt and produce stunning videos that will convert with our in-depth training and complete bonus package
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