Screen Profits by Jeff Caravantes Review : Here’s How To Make More Sales & More Commissions Using These Super Simple Screen Capture Tricks

Screen Profits by Jeff Caravantes Review : Here’s How To Make More Sales & More Commissions Using These Super Simple Screen Capture Tricks

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Hi I’m Jeff and I used to be absolutely petrified of making videos! There are so many software options out there that I quickly became overwhelmed trying to pick the best for me. On top of that, I’m not the most “artsy” person in the world, so I wasn’t sure that I’d be creative enough to make compelling videos that sell stuff. I’m building an online business and I sell digital products just like you. One thing I learned very early on is the importance of VIDEO for anyone that wants to run a successful online business. If you’re like me then the process probably scares the living daylights out of you! I’m not even talking about getting on camera, I’m talking about production and everything that goes with it…

  • Spending $100s or $1000s on cameras, lights, backdrops, microphones, field recorders. And God forbid you go to one of those boutique camera shops… you’ll need a second mortgage to walk of that place with everything you need!
  • Wasting time setting up the lighting, checking the camera angle, testing your mic audio. Whenever I absolutely have to be on camera, it’s a big ordeal. I have to set up my lights, camera, tripod, and backdrop. It’s a 30 minute hassle! And that doesn’t include putting it all away so I can have my room back.
  • Getting frustrated when you’ve finished recording, torn everything down, just to find a critical mistake in post-production that means you have to re-setup everything again!
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Supercharge Your Screen Profits System Right Now With This ADDITIONAL Comprehensive Training So You Can Put Your Video Income On STEROIDS. Accelerated Profits is the additional comprehensive training designed to take your video to the next level and put your video income on steroids in no time! You’ll learn the entire process of video creation from preparation to uploading on your favorite site! You’ll be able to literally do everything you need for your videos right inside of Camtasia without having to spend money on other tools!

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Create High Quality Videos Starting Today!

This simple, 2-Step system will walk you through the two biggest bug-a-boos in video marketing: How to create profitable videos and how to edit them. Never again will you struggle to develop your video marketing skills while everyone else is cranking out video after video.

  • Module 1: Profiting with Video
    In Module 1, we’ll dive into the different pathways to making profitable video. We’ll also discuss different types of videos and how the money is made with each. You will also discover how to Quickly sort through the rift-raft and find the best software for your budget. $27 VALUE
  • Module 2: Camtasia Commander
    In Module 2, we will discuss Fast Post-Production Skill Building. You’ll also learn how to skip through the learning curve of using Camtasia and see a practical example as I edit the GIMPY Logo Production series of videos. $47 VALUE

Fast Movers: You’re also getting GIMPY Logo Production!

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Act today and I’ll include the GIMPY Logo Production series. In this course, you’ll discover how to spice up your videos using the free graphic software GIMP. This training will teach you to “bedazzle” your videos and increase engagement, responsiveness and PROFITS!

  • Learn the easiest way to spice up your videos with the FREE software GIMP. Never again will you make another generic slideshow presentation.
  • Discover the best place to find graphics for your videos. This nexus of graphics is so valuable, you’ll use for more than just videos.
  • Get a rapid orientation to the essentials of GIMP. Craft your own graphics in no time at all!
    Meet the perfect balance between doing graphics yourself and hiring an artist. Learn the secrets for hiring and working with a graphics artist if you must.

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For those of you who like to learn by reading, we have also included an eBook version for your convenience.

Looking at creating a few videos, Screen Profits came along at just the right time. I found this course to be well laid out and full of useful information. The course covers many screen capture tools. I use Camtasia so I really liked that section. I would recommend Screen Profits to people who wants to improve on their video producing skills. Thank You Jeff for creating Screen Profits. – John Johns

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