WP Blazer by Cindy Donovan Review : Your all-in-one WordPress management, security, updating and peace of mind software, Perfect for anyone who has (or wants) more than 1 blog – without the technical headaches

WP Blazer by Cindy Donovan Review : Your all-in-one WordPress management, security, updating and peace of mind software, Perfect for anyone who has (or wants) more than 1 blog – without the technical headaches

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WP Blazer is Easy and Simple Management And Protection Plugin Software That Trusted & Used On 48,922+ WP Sites, Cloudbased SaaS Platform To Automate, Backup And Secure All of Your WordPress Sites. It is The #1 WordPress Management & Protection Software Just Got Bigger & Better. Version 3 of WP Blazer is a VERY HOT piece of software with tons of new powerful features. The newly released cloud app WP Blazer allows you to automatically manage all your WP sites inside one simple interface, and update & back them all up with a few simple clicks. In fact, with WP Blazer, all of this now takes only a few seconds: Update All WP sites with one click, Install or update any essential plugin or theme on all sites with one click, Run instant secure backups that keep your site safe, Schedule backups to run daily/weekly/monthly so you don’t even need to login to do it, Never have to worry about your sites being hacked, Manage and edit all your sites in a single dashboard, Create a new WP user within a minute and many more. And all without ever again having to login to each of your WP sites – so now you can take care of all crucial aspects in seconds instead of hours. Regardless if you’re just starting out, or if you’ve already got a successful online business, keeping our WP sites up-to- date and backed up is something we ALL have to face and considering how much time you need to spend every day on those technical tasks, it probably makes you sick just thinking about it in the morning, which drains your productivity for the rest of the day. With WPBlazer – this is all GONE.

With $3,850 in cash and HOT prizes up for grabs. Look below to see how you can get some of this FAT cash! Proven sales track record, with over $1 million dollars paid out in affiliate commissions for WordPress products in the last 3 years alone. Perfectly tailored sales funnel with relevant products making this a total no-brainer for your customers to keep buy-buy-buying. Adding sites is a breeze! You simply put your website address into your WP Blazer dashboard, upload the WP Blazer plugin to that website and then place the API activation key into the WP Blazer plugin.If API keys and installing plugins is too much, we have an even easier option! We can install and activate it for you – just add your wordpress username and password one time and it’s activated right away. No login details are stored, this is just used for activation and your sites are easily managed from then on. WP Blazer lets you create ‘groups’, so you can choose that group when you are adding a website. After you’ve added the site it’s easy, simply select what you would like to do for that group and it will happen for all of the websites you’ve chosen. Most of our members like to group them based on the niche (so it’s easy to update a blog post to all similar content), or based on monetization strategy, i.e. Amazon sites bunched together, discussion type blogs in another group etc. You can choose the number, but we recommend about 10-15 sites in group for faster processing. WP Blazer communicates with your wordpress site through a free WP Blazer worker plugin we give you, that you activate on your website (you only need to install and activate this one time). WP Blazer can conflict with some security plugin settings, preventing our app to access your website. To solve this conflict you’ll need to update some settings.

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WP Blazer Features:

  • Update ALL Of Your WordPress Sites With One Click – Or – if you just want to update a few at a time, you can group them into categories, you have full control
  • Install OR Update New Plugins or Themes – Always have the lastest, most secure versions live without having to login to all of your WordPress blogs. Want to install a new plugin you just bought? No worries – choose the sites you want it on, upload once and click – you are done!
  • Write & Publish Posts To Multiple Blogs – Write and publish an article across you entire blog network (or just within a certain niche category) FAST. You can syndicate content, get multiple backlinks across all sites or even sell mass publishing services in a snap
    Moderate/Approve/Deny Comments – You don’t need to login to each blog anymore to approve or reject comments. Everything can me managed comfortably for 10, 100’s or 1,000’s of blogs all in one beautiful dashboard
  • Create A New WP User – In less than 30 seconds, you can create a new user on as many of your blogs as you need.Got a new email address, or virtual assistant you want to set up with an account on ALL sites? Easy! 100% gravitar friendly so their profile pic automatically is displayed too!
  • Schedule Automated Regular Backups – This has to be one of the most satistying features of WP Blazer – allowing you to set it up once and never have to worry again! Choose to run daily/weekly/ or monthly regular hands-free updates
  • Run Instant Secure CLOUD Backups – This is recommended by the creators of WordPress, before you install new plugins or themes incase of conflict or bugs, or worse. Hardly anyone does it, because until now it’s been so much work! Now you can with a single click across as many sites as you want.
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WP Blazer More Features:

  • 1-Click Updates – Keeps All Your WP Sites Up-To-Date
  • Control & Manage – Control & Manage All Sites In ONE Single Dashboard
  • Easy To Use – Get Started In Under 60 Seconds – No technical Experience Needed
  • Secure Backups – Secure Backup Protects Them Against Hackers And Attacks
  • Unlimited Sites – Add as many sites as you need. Group them into categories for easy control at whatever level you need
  • No Hidden Costs – What you see here is what you get. You’ll get the opportunity to add extra features, but everything you have here is enough to run and manage your sites as is

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WP Blazer:

  • Step 1 – Login to our cloud platform and add your WP sites
  • Step 2 – Manage them all from one dashboard update them, add plugins & themes or simply edit whatever you need
  • Step 3 – Set up automatic scheduled backups so you NEVER have to worry again about your sites being hacked or taken down


  • I just started using WP Blazer and I’m loving it!It’s super convenient to see what’s going on with my sites at a glance AND being able to do backups, control posts, themes, plugins, etc. for each of my WordPress site from one single dashboard is a huge time saver. This is a must-have for anyone with two websites or more! – Igor Burban
  • WPBlazer 3 Is An Excellent Tool!There is nothing like automation, you save time and effort, which allows you to occupy those precious resources in being more creative and productive, growing your business of promoting offers Thanks Giri for such an excellent tool WPBlazer 3 the best of 2017 for affiliates marketers and digital entrepreneurs. Greetings from Chile, south of the world! – Antonio Benito
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