UpSpy by Alex C. Review : Your Perfect Partner to Compliment Your UpTrack Analytics

UpSpy by Alex C. Review : Your Perfect Partner to Compliment Your UpTrack Analytics

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UpSpy is Great Legally Spy Over The Shoulder Of Your Customers And Profit BIG From It – Without Getting Arrested For Home Invasion And Let’s Turn All of Those Visitors Into Sales and let’s increase your revenue. It has many benefits such as : Increase Conversions, Increase Engagement, Know Exactly What Is Making Visitors Give You Money, And Know What Is Making Them GO and Leave You Empty Handed, With No Monthly Fees. This is the EXACT same technology used by some of the biggest enterprises on the planet such as : HubSpot, amazon, unbounce, Microsoft. You know hold in your hands the most powerful link tracking and software available (with no monthly fees!), And you will soon have the knowledge and power to be able to track, in great detail, Exactly where your visitors are coming from Save yourself tons of ad spend in the process And increase your visitors tenfold – by spending your time, money and effort in the Right places.

UpSpy is Your Perfect Partner to Compliment Your UpTrack Analytics, UpTrack Will Show You Exactly How People Are Getting To Your Website & UpSpy Shows Them Exactly What They’re Looking At When They Arrive. Exactly what’s turning them on And what’s turning them off. Exactly what’s making them click ‘buy’ and give YOU money. Instead of what’s making them bored and click off. You will know EXACTLY what’s making your pages convert and what isn’t. So you can replicate what is – and AVOID what isn’t. This way – not only are you lowering your ad spend (thanks to UpTrack) – but you’ll also be INCREASING your profits. UpSpy is an indispensable upgrade to your UpTrack arsenal.

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UpSpy Features:

  • Uncover Secret Hot Spots – Watch real, recorded video sessions of visitors interacting with your site to discover your hidden ‘hot spots’ – Then you’ll know exactly were to move important content, forms, links and buttons to enjoy more optins and sales.
  • See Results ‘In a Glance’ In an Easy to Analyze Visual Map – UpSpy uses advanced ‘heatclick’ technology to show you exactly what is getting clicked, scrolled and where visitor’s mouse pointers are going!
    Meaning you can replace buttons, images, links and forms that aren’t getting clicked and watch your CTR skyrocket.
  • Pinpoint Scroll ‘Bottlenecks’ That Are Turning Visitors Away – Watch in real time the exact places where people stop scrolling, stop reading and stop considering giving YOU money.
    Replace or remove these sales-killing bottlenecks in seconds.
  • View Everything At Anytime – View video sessions and track analytics anytime, across any page to see exactly what’s distracting your visitors from taking action.

UpSpy Benefits:

  • Increase Conversions
  • Increase Engagement
  • Know Exactly What Is Making Visitors Give You Money
  • And Know What Is Making Them GO and Leave You Empty Handed
  • With No Monthly Fees.

See Testimonials:

  • UpSpy is the future when it comes to real time tracking and conversion software – Stoica SDR,
  • Wowww! Now I can track my visitors mouse movements & patterns in real time play back & see why they didn’t convert All thanks to UpSpy! – Cyump M.

>>> Click Here To See UpSpy by Alex C. <<<

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