SVG Galaxy v2 by Vu Binh Minh Review : Work Perfectly With Explaindio Videoscribe, Easy Sketch Pro and almost all of, Video & Graphic Editors.

SVG Galaxy v2 by Vu Binh Minh Review : Work Perfectly With Explaindio Videoscribe, Easy Sketch Pro and almost all of, Video & Graphic Editors.

SVG Galaxy v2 is Extraordinary, practicable and Recomended formula by Vu Binh Minh, SVG Galaxy V2 is simply a whiteboard SVG product. But what’s inside it is really mind-blowing… Unlike other offline SVG products that only provide 20 poses of a doctor or 30 poses of a locksmith… SVG Galaxy V2 has a complete storytelling structure. That means you will have SVGs to illustrate from customer’s problem to business’s solutions. The bellow images are just samples of a package. There will be more SVGs for multiple combinations of video in each niche. And there are 10 niches in total: Electrician, Painter, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer, Dermatologist, Pediatrician, Pest Control Service, Insurance Agency, Physical Therapist, Bookkeeping Service.

“I always keep a bottle of aspirin by my side whenever I create an explainer video. That helps me overcome the headache caused due to searching thousands of images to find a few that meet my requirements. Obviously, images taken from different packs never match. Even images of the same person from the same graphic bundle are of no help, as the poses they are available in does not meet my requirements.

`SVG Galaxy,’ a collection of excellent quality .svg images, has solved my problems. The package comes with several modules each in different niches, which allows the user to create mind-blowing explainer videos effortlessly. Each module has a storyline along with appropriate images. This means that you will find images of the same character in the problem mode, what he/she needs to do in order to solve the problem, the action taken by that person, and the relieved individual.

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I am beta testing SVG Galaxy version 2 and can say without hesitation that it is the best graphic bundle available on earth as well as in Mars (you know I have 74 wives in that planet).”

Sanjay Sett, Customer

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SVG Galaxy v2 – Offline Business Edition:

  • High-quality artworks with full-color and nice shadow
  • Designed to tell a complete story from customer’s problem to business’s solutions
  • 10 offline niches, 10-15 artworks per niche. Multiple combinations of video available.
  • Work perfectly with Explaindio, Videoscribe, Easy Sketch Pro and almost all of video & graphic editors.
  • Developers license included


SVG Galaxy V2 Review – What Makes It Different?

    SVG Galaxy’s SVGs animate PERFECTLY in ALL whiteboard video softwares. Rendering ability is the most important thing for a whiteboard SVG. No matter how beautiful an image is, it’s still useless if it can’t animate like human-drawing.
    All the characters, scenes and objects inside SVG Galaxy V2 were drawn in a stunning and consistent style that all of video clients have been thriving with. You can take advantage of this stunning artworks to create great videos and make more money.
    SVG Galaxy V2 images are designed not only for whiteboard videos but for any projects that need cartoon graphics. Imagining how local business will be happy with a banner design or website graphic in the same style as their video. Here are some more ideas of using SVG Galaxy V2 to offer more services and make more money:
    -Banner design (both online and real banner)
    -Social profile and cover design
    -Standee design
    -Landing page, sales page
    -Other printable objects
    While in most of graphic products, you do not get any update after downloading your purchases, SVG Galaxy V2 will have future updates, in which will enhance the quality of the whole package and you will get these update with no additional payment or subscription. Moreover, you can request custom unique SVGs for your videos in backend service. SVG Galaxy V2 is promised to be a unlimited product.
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