Blog Post Bonanza by Bill Guthrie Review : the Quick & Easy Way to Create Endless Blog Posts

Blog Post Bonanza by Bill Guthrie Review : the Quick & Easy Way to Create Endless Blog Posts

Blog Post Bonanza is an essential resource for bloggers of ALL levels, because once you have these templates, you just need to fill in the blanks with your specific niche-related information.

This is a special time-sensitive offer. In the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and holiday savings, I’m temporarily reducing the price to make it available to all bloggers (and those who want to blog)!

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You’ll Get These Awesome Blog Posts…

  • The “How To” Post – your standard step-by-step post where you teach your readers how to complete a process or solve a problem
  • The “Tips” Post – build a “top ten” (or more) of quick ideas
  • The “FAQ” Post – answer the burning questions that your audience is asking
  • The “Resources” Post – compile a list of the top resources in your niche. A perfect opportunity to include your affiliate link!
  • The “Top Mistakes” Post – educate your audience by highlighting common mistakes that people in your niche are making, along with information about how to avoid those mistakes
  • The “Rant” Post – a perfect way to push your readers’ emotional buttons, this post can generate a huge response and get plenty of shares
  • The “Encyclopedia” Post – give a beginner a good overview of a topic
  • The “Promotional” Post – the goal of this post is to directly sell a product or service
  • The “Press Release” Post – share news about your industry, business or a product with the intent of having this news distributed by the media
  • The “Motivational” Post – motivate your reader to start taking a specific action
  • The “News” Post – Add value to the news in your niche by offering your opinion, telling readers how the news affects them or other insights unique to your blog
  • The “How To” Post, #2 – Teaching and imparting wisdom is such an important part of blogging that I’ve included a second variation on the classic “How To”
  • The “Multi-Part” Post – create a series of posts focused on a topic and build anticipation for the next publication
  • The “Critical” Post – your chance to call attention to something you see as wrong with your niche or market
  • The “SEO” Post – an example of how to sprinkle your keywords throughout a post in a natural way for search engine discovery and ranking
  • The “Greatest Hits” Post – the perfect way to highlight the best content you’ve already published
  • The “Response” Post – leverage your blog to post your response to another site’s content. This is a great way to increase your own authority and trust.
  • The “Groundbreaking” Post – this template is about positioning your content in a unique way that gets people to pay attention to you
  • The “Product Comparison” Post – the perfect structure for sharing both the good and bad side of any product
  • The “Promotional” Post, #2 – It’s worth giving you a second variation on the Promotional Post, since I’m guessing making money is a primary reason you’re blogging!
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