Bolt Publisher by Justin Burns Review ; NEW Technology Lets YOU Cash In On Unlimited Mobile Traffic, Get Viral Shares And Jaw-Dropping Conversion Rates In 24 Hours Or Less. . . WITHOUT Paying A Penny For Ads

Bolt Publisher by Justin Burns Review ; NEW Technology Lets YOU Cash In On Unlimited Mobile Traffic, Get Viral Shares And Jaw-Dropping Conversion Rates In 24 Hours Or Less. . . WITHOUT Paying A Penny For Ads

Bolt Publisher is Best Content Software To Monetizing The Mobile Web, NEW Technology Lets YOU Cash In On Unlimited Mobile Traffic with Put your traffic on steroids by tapping into FB’s LATEST platform and Send your content VIRAL across a network of 1.57 BILLION active monthly users. It is make life easy for content publisher. Now you can create articles like big companies do and get the same benefits.

This is also made easy to get instant articles live on Facebook. Instant Articles were built to solve specific problem-slow loading times on the mobile we and load up to 10X faster than mobile web articles. The platform is essentially a content delivery service for mobile users, on steroids. Your content loads LIGHTNING fast, which means it gets seen and absorbed by more people. It uses the same technology FB uses to display photos & video so load time is almost instantaneous. Because of all this, reach, clicks, shares and engagement go through the roof. VIRAL Content Fuels The Web – And FB Just Became The BIGGEST Supplier. It is Next Generation Content Delivery For Real World Profits. Instant Articles Keeps YOUR Followers EXACTLY Where They Want To Be! In Beta Testing, Instant Articles Have Been Getting 20%. MORE Clicks Than Standard Mobile Web Articles. This is a cloud-based software so you can access it from any device, anytime you like.

Bolt Publisher By Justin Burns, Simply a Facebook page, and if you don’t have one yet, we’ve included a bonus showing exactly how to set them up. If you want to automatically upload blog posts as Instant Articles, you’ll also need to have your website authorized by FB, but we show you how in the training. Why you need BoltPublisher to use Instant Articles? Without the software, you’d need either a developer or extensive coding experience to configure Instant Articles yourself. It’s the toughest platform for publishers that FB has ever introduced.

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Bolt Publisher Software By Justin Burns Features :

  • Let even complete beginners leverage FB mobile traffic for profit without coding experience, tech skills or paying a single penny for ads
  • Bypass Facebook’s requirement for having articles published on another site – so users could make “quick wins” by posting immediately to Instant Articles
  • Let users incorporate MULTIPLE interactive elements to boost engagement, including video, slideshows, Pull Quotes, sidebars
    and more
  • 100% FB approved, cloud-based software takes you STRAIGHT to the traffic, cutting through ALL the hassles of configuring Instant Articles manually
  • Step-by-step video training shows you how to drive traffic to YOUR content within minutes
  • MONETIZE your mobile traffic easier than ever – link to your own offers or monetize with ads … and keep 100% of the profits from your own ads and a massive 70% from FB Audience ads
  • Save HOURS of time and THOUSANDS in developer fees with the simplest interface that exists to publish FB Instant Articles
  • Instantly CUSTOMIZE your content with interactive features including video, images, slideshows, maps, pull quotes and more
  • Explode your reach with Instagram and Twitter integrations
  • Seamlessly configure ANY FB page with the FB Instant Articles API

Bolt Publisher Software By Justin Burns More Features :

  • With this software, you can publish instantly or SCHEDULE your posts as you see fit
  • Includes direct integration to Google Calendars so you can instantly see the articles you have scheduled to go live
  • The simple-to-use editor makes it EASY to create magazine quality articles that look great, demand attention and “get the click”
  • Easily export, edit, delete or duplicate any article.
  • Leverage FB’s latest article platform that it’s ALREADY pushing more traffic to so you get more free reach than ever before.
  • Build YOUR authority with customized logos and branding in every article, something FB is actively encouraging with this new system
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Bolt Publisher Software By Justin Burns Benefits :

  • Put your traffic on steroids by tapping into FB’s LATEST platform.
  • Send GET paid ads – get hyper-engaged traffic without paying a penny.
  • Grow a massive following, build your brand and DOMINATE any niche you enter.
  • Be up & running in MINUTES with zero experience or tech skills.
  • 1st of its kind, cloud-based software that lets you MONETIZE the mobile web.
  • Your content loads 10 X FASTER than standard web articles…
  • Viewers are 70% LESS likely to stop reading your content…
  • 20% more Instant Articles are read on average…
  • Instant Articles are shared 30% MORE often than mobile web articles.

Bank Big With FREE Mobile FB Traffic In 3 Easy Steps:

  • STEP 1 : “Login in to the cloud-based software”
  • STEP 2 : “Create, edit & upload your article with the point & click editor”
  • STEP 3 : “Watch the traffic, clicks and profits pour in!”

Our goal was simple. To create a tool that would allow ANYONE to monetize FB’s biggest update yet, and provide it at a one-time cost 10X cheaper than the competition.

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With Your Access To BoltPublisher Today :

  • You INSTANTLY tap into FB’s hottest mobile traffic – a base of over 1.57 BILLION active users
  • You enjoy an INCREASE of up to 20% more clicks and 30% more shares, so your content goes VIRAL more often
  • You SKIP the hassles, time and HUGE DOLLARS in development fees to set up Instant Articles on your own
  • You build your brand & following with the most engaged social media fans on the planet
  • You get an INSTANT increase in exposure to your offers and links, putting more money in your pocket
  • You can earn PASSIVE income in advertising revenue that makes Google Adsense dollars look like peanuts in comparison
  • You’ll get a huge increase in organic FB traffic and reach as your posts are clicked, engaged and acted on
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